What is SkootCoin?

SkootCoins are redeemed for discounts on movies or exchanged for movie memorabilia.

There are 4 ways to get SkootCoins

Buy SkootCoin on Skoot.TV pricing page. Buy a package and save up to 10%!

Earn SkootCoin by referring new users to Skoot.TV

Get 100 coins when someone you refer signs up with a valid account

Earn another 100 coins when they buy their first Full Rental

Earn another 50 coins when they buy their first Limited Rental

Earn SkootCoin with rentals from your Box Office

Earn 2 SC for every rental

Get a 100 coin bonus for renting 50 movies.

Earn SkootCoin for special tasks

Be the first to rent a movie

Be the first to rate a movie

Rate your favorite scenes during movie play

Tag certain items during the movie

Other fun tasks

Hold SkootCoin in your account to unlock special features.

SkootCoins can be sent to other Skoot.TV users as a gift.

SkootCoins can not be exchanged for cash.