How it Works

SkootTV – Get Paid to Watch, Review and Promote Movies!

Rent a Movie. Share it with your friends. Earn SkootCoins for every buddy who rents movies from you.

Select a Movie from the library or from the box office of someone you follow.

There are two different movie options for rental; Full and Limited

A. Full is for a full 48 hrs. This gives you more time to watch the movie or earn SkootCoins.

B. Limited is for >48 hrs. Limited rentals are discounted based on how much time is still remaining. You can still watch the movie but for a limited time. Limited rentals are still placed in your box office so you can earn SkootCoins.

Choose your payment method to rent the movie. We accept SkootCoin, CC, Paypal, Venmo, and Bitcoin.

You can only rent Limited Rentals at a discount with SkootCoin. Go to the pricing page to purchase SkootCoin packages. With SkootCoin you can save up to 50% on HD rentals.
Pricing Packages

Once rented you can watch your movie on the web or download our app for mobile viewing.

Your movie is automatically added to your Box Office and ready for promotion to earn SkootCoin. The platform will price your rental for you.

A. Follow the easy steps to post your movie pitch on Facebook

B. You can post multiple times before, during or after you watch the movie.

C. Post with movie reviews, scene favorites or inside movie knowledge

Learn more about the Box Office experience {Coming Soon!}

Earn SkootCoins for everyone who rents from your box office.

To learn about more ways to earn SkootCoins go {here}

Redeem SkootCoins for discounts on movies or movie memorabilia.